Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chiara Corbella Petrillo

Many months ago I wrote about Chiara Petrillo, a young Italian wife and mother who died from cancer after forgoing treatment to allow her son to be born. There's very little about Chiara that is currently available in English, so I was pleased to find this article on the FOCUS blog, along with a letter that Chiara and her husband wrote to their son for his first birthday.
We loved your brother and sister --Mary and David-- and we love you knowing that you all are not ours, that you all were not for us. And this is how it should be for everything in life. Everything that you have never belongs to you, because it is a gift that God gives you so that you can make it bear fruit. Never be discouraged, my son. God never takes anything away. And if He takes away, it is because He wants to give you so much more. Thanks to Mary and David, we are even more in love with eternal life and we have stopped fearing death. God has taken from us only in order to give us a heart that is bigger and more open to welcome eternity already in this life.

The beautiful letter is available here.

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