Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beloved retreat

This weekend, we had the first Kenosis women's retreat (along with a separate men's retreat, "Endure").  "Beloved" was an opportunity for a unique encounter with the Lord.  We spent Friday evening delving into being "Beloved: Daughter."  On Saturday morning, we spent time talking about being "Beloved: Sister."  Then our afternoon and evening was dedicated to the topic of "Beloved: Bride" -- receiving and responding to the love of Jesus Christ the Bridegroom.  Finally, on Sunday morning we spoke about being "Beloved: Mother."  

The aspects of the feminine vocation were explored in light of these four familial roles -- daughter, sister, bride, mother.  We spoke about love, receptivity, vulnerability, generosity and beauty.  

We had a beautiful weekend too -- there were opportunities for Mass, Confession and time in Eucharistic Adoration on Saturday evening.  We had a candlelit dinner, some great "girl time" and small groups who bonded together in the journey of more fully living out our femininity.  

Thank you for your prayers for the weekend.  Please continue to pray for the young ladies who attended -- that they will receive the Lord's love for them and live out the gift of their femininity more fully every day.  

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