Thursday, February 9, 2012

A step in the right direction

I wasn't expecting to get a text this morning instructing me to google something with the words, "Victoria's Secret." At first I suspected it was some sort of spam, but in reality it was a friend alerting me to the news that a lingerie model has quit because of her faith and because of her desire to respect her husband.

According to one story:

[Kylie] Bisutti had decided to leave the lingerie company awhile ago. On Dec. 1, the day after the nationally televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in which Bisutti didn’t appear, the model posted to her Twitter page, “For all of you that were looking for me in the Victorias Secret runway show this year, I wasn’t in it. I have decided not to model lingerie Because I personally feel that I am not honoring God or my husband by doing it. My marriage is very important & with divorce rates rising I want to do everything I can to protect my marriage and be respectful to my husband. God graciously gave me this marriage and this life and my desire is to live a Godly faithful life, I don’t however judge others for what they do. Everyone is convicted on different levels.”

I'd post a link, but the unfortunate reality is that all of the news stories are unable to report that someone know longer wishes to be seen publicly in her underwear without showing her in said undergarments. Consequently, I'm not about to post a link, but the above quote from ABC gets to the point quite nicely.

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