Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Really, google?

Google has a short, sweet, innocent little cartoon to celebrate Valentine's Day on their homepage today ... or is it?

The brief story deserves all of the adjectives above, but the concluding screen shows six different couples. The second one to pop up -- in the bottom center -- is two men in tuxes, holding hands. It's slipped in ever so carefully to allow it to seem perfectly normal. No big deal. Just like everybody else.

This is exactly the problem. Google, without probably realizing it, is sending the message that our bodies don't matter, sexual difference doesn't matter, love is not willing the good of the other but feeling great, and marriage can be whatever combination you'd like.

It's not to say someone with a same sex attraction is incapable of love. That is certainly not the case! We are all called to love and to be loved. Yet, a romantic relationship is only fitting between a man and a woman. Our masculinity and femininity remind us of the giving and receiving in love, and the "Eternal Gift" that we know as the Trinity.

Of course, this topic deserves many pages, not merely a couple of sentences. But the point just now is to point your attention to Google's inconspicuous way of changing the terms of love and marriage.

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  1. Not to mention the alien-astronaut relationship shown in the top left. Normalizing cross-species romantic relationships.
    I pray for my brothers and sisters with same sex attraction.