Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nurture your marriage -- Tips 6-10

Continued from yesterday, five more tips to nurture your marriage:

6) Frequent confession.
This one might seem a bit surprising, but the more we receive God’s mercy and love, the more we are able to share that mercy and love with others, including our spouse. If you are getting into a routine of being upset with your spouse, frustrated or falling into patterns of selfishness, a visit to the nearest confessional can make a
huge difference. Better yet, arrange for a regular time to go with your entire family.

7) Take a look at what annoys you about your spouse.
Make a list, if you’d like. Then look at that list and consider how these faults or annoyances may cause you to grow. Can you learn to appreciate them in some way if you see that they are molding you into a better person?

8) Respect and honor one another, even when you aren’t together.
How do you speak about your spouse to friends? To coworkers? To strangers? Are you complaining or uplifting? Are you encouraging or rolling your eyes? How you speak about one another to others sets a tone for how you relate to one another and grow in appreciation of one another.

9) Take a Theology of the Body class together.
Discover God’s beautiful plan for your life, for your marriage, for your family. Grow together as you listen, discuss and put into practice the dynamic truth of God’s love for you.

10) Make a list of the ways in which your spouse is a gift to you.
Read the list to your spouse and thank him/her in person for their commitment to love you all the way to eternity.

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