Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The real couple of "The Vow"

There's been a lot of talk recently about the new film, "The Vow." I haven't seen it and have no commentary to offer about the film itself, but I enjoyed reading this interview with the couple on whom the story is based. In real life, they say, their story is inseparable from their faith.

The recent Hollywood film is based on Kim and Krickitt's real-life struggle to stay faithful to their vows after a 1993 car accident just weeks into their marriage left Krickitt with no recollection of meeting, falling in love with, or marrying her husband.

Despite her memory-loss, Carpenter said she chose to love her husband “based on obedience to God” and not her feelings, “because the feelings had been completely wiped away.”

“We made a vow before God,” she told CNA on Feb. 27, “so I chose to love him.”

“I hadn't read in the word of God that you can divorce over a head injury,” Carpenter joked, adding that she decided to make the best of her situation and “get to know this man that I was married to.”

Read it all here.

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