Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fun facts about JPII

Bl. John Paul II will be Saint John Paul II in just four days!!  

Chastity Project has this list of "21 Awesome Facts You Didn't Know About JP2" on their site.  It's a fun read!  Among others:

9. He pulled a couple James Bond moves to evade the secret police
When he was a bishop in Poland during the communist reign, the secret police were constantly keeping tabs on him and trying to study him (by the time he became pope, they had amassed 18 cartons of reports on him.)
Once, when the archbishop needed to have a secret meeting with Karol, Karol’s chauffeur pulled a little traffic weaving stunt which cut off their pursuer’s line of sight; Karol swapped cars without them knowing, and was able to meet with the archbishop in peace.
The government also bugged the bishops’ residence with listening devices, which Karol knew about and so he played off of it.  He would talk extra loud when he wanted them to hear something, and would save the private conversations for his secret wilderness excursions.

Read them all here

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  1. I shared that link too! I loved reading them all, and yes, I think the James Bond one might have been my favorite as well. :) I was also highly impressed with his multi-tasking genius! WOW! The man had a mind like a steel trap, even when his health was failing.