Wednesday, March 28, 2012

World Youth Day message 2012

While there is no World Youth Day gathering this year, the Holy Father always has a World Youth Day message. This year it's all about joy. What, specifically?

The Church’s vocation is to bring joy to the world, a joy that is authentic and enduring, the joy proclaimed by the angels to the shepherds on the night Jesus was
born (cf. Lk 2:10). Not only did God speak, not only did he accomplish great signs throughout the history of humankind, but he drew so near to us that he became one of us and lived our life completely. In these difficult times, so many young people all around you need to hear that the Christian message is a
message of joy and hope! I would like to reflect with you on this joy and on how to find it, so that you can experience it more deeply and bring it to everyone you meet.

Now, you can read Pope Benedict XVI's reflection here.

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