Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mandatory free sterilization coverage for college women

Does the headline sound like it comes from a Communist country, or perhaps Nazi experimentation in concentration camps? No, not this time.

It's our own country. Apparently, last Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that free sterilization must be offered to all women of college-age (enrolled in college or not).

First of all, why are we not hearing this? There are a limited number of news services where I have seen the story, and unfortunately, this one, covers the story, but also shares a mostly "uncovered" picture of a celebrity in the margin, which I must warn you of before proceeding.

Secondly, why, oh why, would we ever think that offering 18-23 year olds free sterilization is a good idea? It's demeaning. It's degrading. It's heartbreaking. It says fertility is a major disease. It says we don't believe life is good enough to say yes to in the future. It says we don't want to be generous with love and life. It says we are incapable of self-sacrifice.

It says a lot ... and I could vent about it for a long time. But for now, please know that we must be vigilant about the anthropology of our government -- an anthropology that says I am made for this world and nothing more. Don't we want the beauty of knowing we are called to be more?


  1. Thank you. I am trying to get the message out there too, and feeling rather "alone" at the moment. I hope you have been able to sign the women speak for themselves letter by Helen Alvare, but if you are as yet unaware, here is the link, which you can pass on:

  2. Christine, yes I have signed the petition and have encouraged others to do so as well. Thanks for all you are doing!