Friday, January 6, 2012

The world in which we live

It's a world where a mother can report:
My daughter Liliana, who was 8 when we were playing the board game, tossed off this remark as she stuck the tiny blue husband pin into her car: "When I grow up, I don't think I'll get married. I think I'll just get some sperm."
And it's a world where mother can then describe why she has now come to see that marriage is valuable and something she would love to see for her daughter.

But then it's a world where mother doesn't give enough weight to her ideas by wavering about what actually makes marriage a good thing.

How to defend the goodness of marriage as an objective form in which we are invited to participate through marriage vows? An individual couple receiving and actually living these vows can say volumes more to the world than a 500-word op-ed. So how are we living in this world in which we live?

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