Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reflecting on skirts

Jennifer Fulwiler recently opined on the good of skirts, though she confesses to being (primarily) a "pants-wearing woman." As a (frequent) skirt-wearing woman, I found her reflections on the message of femininity communicated by (modest) skirts and dresses to be quite interesting. Here's a snippet:
A beautiful dress is a little inefficient. A colorful, flowy skirt is decidedly girly. Both draw a sharp line between the genders. Could we women proclaim some truths of the Faith in the public square with our wardrobe choices alone? Could we add something positive to the world by wearing pretty skirts? To someone with my background it sounds laughable at first, but this idea just might be more powerful than we think. To wear a skirt is to shout the messages that the Communists described in Jung Chang’s book once tried to suppress: that a full life isn’t all about efficiency and work; that men and women are different, and that’s okay; and that femininity is something to be celebrated, not squelched.
Read it all here.

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