Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Nothing great is ever achieved without suffering."

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver has a wonderful Triduum reflection, which you can read here. Just a snippet:

During the Triduum—Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday—the Church invites us to remember that sin is real and that only blood can redeem it ... but also that God loves us so deeply that he sent his only son to offer himself for our deliverance.

In giving his life for us, Jesus asks us to live our lives for others. He asks us to share in his work of redemption. That’s why the Gospel is never merely a call to be “nice” to others. There’s nothing sweet about Golgotha. Life in Jesus Christ is a call to heroic and self-sacrificing love. If we want to rise with Jesus on Easter, we also have to share his work of salvation on Good Friday.

C.S. Lewis captured this basic Christian understanding very clearly when he wrote that, “Christianity is a thing of unspeakable joy. But it begins not in joy, but in wretchedness, and it does no good to try to get to the joy by bypassing the wretchedness.”

Read it all here.

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