Friday, November 19, 2010

O Come, Let Us Adore Him

This morning it was an incredible blessing to be present during a local Catholic high school's all school assembly Holy Hour. The morning began with a testimony/talk, followed by Fr. Kyle Schnippel processing in the auditorium with the Blessed Sacrament. During the remaining twenty minutes, the students were led in praise and worship, and prayer.

At one point, the music leader urged the students to assume a position that would make them comfortable, listing sitting, standing or kneeling as viable options. Most of the students sat.

A moment later, a few juniors knelt. Almost immediately, a wave of students dropped to their knees. Nearly every student knelt for the remaining time of Adoration.

At another point, the music leader suggested that the students open their hands as a gesture of receiving all that the Lord has for them. Girls throughout the room had their arms outstretched far in front of them, as if begging the Lord for His love, grace and mercy.

It was a powerful and moving experience to watch more than 500 teens praising God in the Blessed Sacrament. Throughout the day, they will have the opportunity to experience Eucharistic Adoration in the school chapel, before reposition occurs at the end of the day. I hope these opportunities occur more regularly at Catholic schools, allowing the students an opportunity to encounter the Lord in the midst of their school day.
This particular event was student-initiated and organized. Never doubt the impact God can have through an on-fire young person.

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