Friday, November 15, 2013

Another case of "Don't trust that headline!"

Perhaps you've seen the news that China is "relaxing" or "easing" or "ending" their one-child policy?  Most people don't realize that China still has a one-child policy to which they strictly adhere.  But in any event, upon closer examination, we see that China is not ending their policy.  They are barely "relaxing" it.  Instead, China will now allow couples of whom the mother or father is an only child to have two children.

That's right, it's a modified two child policy.  

Certainly, it's a modified victory for those couples who thought they could only legally have one (and to illegally become pregnant is to face forced abortion, fines and other punishments), but it's no reversal of the hideous policy.  Rather than praise China for their newly found leniency, we should continue to challenge them to embrace life and to see the negative effects of limiting children across the country for now and in the long term.  

The possibility of having two children reintroduces concepts such as, "aunt," "uncle," and "cousin" to the nationwide vocabulary, but it's not good enough, and we can't settle for this "concession" as a massive victory.

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