Saturday, March 9, 2013

Celibacy and Marriage ... stand and fall together

Fr. Dwight Lonenecker has some insightful thoughts on the connection between celibacy and contraception, and their connection to vocations:
Marriage has therefore become not a sacrament of self sacrifice, but a sacrament of self gratification. Whereas, for our grandfathers marriage was a way to give all, for us marriage is a way to get all.

No wonder the celibate may think from time to time that it is all very unfair. Not only does he give all, but the very meaning of what he is giving is pulled out from under him because the meaning of marriage (in which the meaning of celibacy is rooted) has been destroyed. Conversely, while marriage gives celibacy meaning, it may be now that celibacy may begin to give meaning back to marriage.

Read it all here.

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