Friday, November 9, 2012

What does the legal "redefinition" of marriage mean for us?

... In part, that we have to live the reality of authentic marriage even better.
Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco said in a statement, "I especially call on all people to pray and to build a renewed culture of marriage and the family. This is a fundamental task on which the future good and stability of our society, and particularly that of our children, rest."
He also explained that the legal "redefinition" of marriage does not change the reality of the institution of marriage, which will always be unchangeable.  

You can read his statement here.

Reaffirming authentic marriage is going to be an incredible challenge in our culture, but since marriage is the ultimate expression God has chosen to reveal His love to His people since the beginning of creation, it's incredibly important to protect, defend, affirm and celebrate the gift of authentic marriage in our culture.  

The USCCB has for years asked the question, "What have you done for your marriage today?"  It's time to start asking us all, "What have you done for marriage today?" 

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