Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another contrast

There's something new everyday, and these days it's often not good.

In Britian, sickly newborns may be placed on the "death pathway."  

In plain English that means they will be left to starve to death, sometimes for 10 days, with no food or drink.

And it's in the name of not wanting them to suffer since their life will be less than "perfect."

Awful, awful!

But, of course, along with the terrible news that is accumulating in a world where we just have to be "God" at every moment, there are moments of goodness too.

A few come to mind right now.  It's not that they're happy stories, but they are beautiful stories of sacrifice, true compassion and authentic love, even in the face of suffering.

There's the story of Baby Vivian.

And Baby Joey.

And Babies Hope and Grace, who shared one heart.   

Even if the hospitals, the doctors and the medical world push egregious things like the "death pathway," there are courageous mothers and fathers who embrace the gift that has been given to them. 

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