Saturday, June 16, 2012

An interesting take on marriage

I found this article, "Marriage is for Losers" to be quite interesting.  Dr. Kelly Flanagan explains his outlook:

But there is a third kind of marriage. The third kind of marriage is not perfect, not even close. But a decision has been made, and two people have decided to love each other to the limit, and to sacrifice the most important thing of all—themselves. In these marriages, losing becomes a way of life, a competition to see who can listen to, care for, serve, forgive, and accept the other the most. The marriage becomes a competition to see who can change in ways that are most healing to the other, to see who can give of themselves in ways that most increase the dignity and strength of the other.  These marriages form people who can be small and humble and merciful and loving and peaceful.

It's an interesting take on marriage as self-sacrifice, and one that is worth reading in entirety.  

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