Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"The $6.15 Christ"

Oh, this is a good piece! Please take a few minutes to read Tim Drake's brief reflection, "The $6.15 Christ." I'll give you a start, but I assure you it's worth clicking the link because it probably doesn't end the way you would expect.

It’s been a tough summer financially. Our Buick unexpectedly died and had to be replaced. My pneumonia led to unexpected doctor’s bills. Our riding lawnmower bit the dust. As a single-income family, we’ve come up short and it’s kept me up many a night. It’s at moments like these that I question our commitment to a single-income and home-educating our children.

As the primary provider for our family, I have tried to shield our children from this reality as best I can, but they’ve still felt the results.
Hoped-for piano lessons for the children were eliminated. Eating out has ceased. I increased the insurance deductibles on our vehicles. A planned long-distance trip to see America’s approved Marian shrine has been put on hold. We’ve prayed together as a family that God would provide for our most immediate needs.

So, a week ago when I celebrated my birthday, I wasn’t expecting any gifts, least not the one I ended up receiving.

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