Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Would you give a teen a condom?

This is so sad! For an ABC television program, a 15-year-old boy asks passersby at a pharmacy to buy him condoms since the cashier knows his mom. While most of the people he asks seem rather uncomfortable, many of them just laugh or make comments about the young man's good decision to be "safe."

The argument of "Teens will have sex anyway, so we might as well give them 'protection'" is infuriating! We hear it all the time. Funny that we don't hear, "Kids are going to drink and drive anyway, so why don't we just tell them to drive really slowly." Or, "Teens might want to use drugs, but we should teach them not to share needles."

So, why is sexuality so different, so casual, so joked about? Why do we attempt to give out Band-Aids instead of seeking the root of the problem -- a desire for authentic love?

So, what would you say to this young man if he approached you in the pharmacy? I think it's a question worth contemplating.

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