Friday, May 20, 2011

Do human persons or breathing objects look for jobs?

Elizabeth Scalia shares some thoughts from her college-aged son who is looking for summer employment. The piece is striking in its ability to convey the current climate of employers looking for future employees as objects, rather than people.

Here's a bit:

Regular readers know that Buster is one of those people born about 70 years too late, and he bemoaned the impersonal nature of the modern job-search, and the dearth of human connectedness. “You know, if there was a personnel department you could walk into, with other people, you get a chance to meet someone, fill out a form, chat a bit — you could make an impression! Someone might say, ‘hey, he’s got the build for moving things, or, hey, he’s got a good personality; he seems like he’ll mesh well,’ but no — there’s no opportunity to put yourself forward or stand out. There’s no opportunity to shine, a little.”

Individuality does seem to be undervalued, these days.

I reminded him that unemployment rates for people in his age group — and for all youngfolk looking for summer work — are sky-high. “There is something to what you say,” I agreed. “My first job, I walked into the personnel office, met someone, filled out a form, took a quick test, and had the chance to chat for a few minutes to the personnel manager, who called me later and hired me for the staggering wage of $2.10 per hour. It was all pretty painless.”

Seems there is no chance of that, now. Employers have more applicants than they need for $7.25 per hour jobs; they don’t have to put any effort into finding the ‘right’ person. They’re not even looking for a ‘person,’ they’re looking, as Buster noted, for cogs in the wheel.

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  1. Liberal always complain you can't feed a family off of $7.25 or whatever the Miminal wage. But minimal wage is for starter jobs (like for teens) who don't need to support a family (normally) and are often frivolous or extremely easy job. If the minimal wage was less the employer could hire more teens or disparate adults who need the extra $. As a teen I couldn't find any job. So I became my own employer and I'm looking for ways to employ my friends. (And I'm not even an adult but don't tell that to the state of OH.) maybe we should raise the minimal wage? More pay less jobs. For the children after all.