Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well, that's awkward 

The title, "The Devil's Favorite Word" intrigued me into clicking the link -- a blog post on i.d.9:16's site.  The word wasn't what I expected it to be.  It was awkward.  Yes, it was awkward reading it, but only because the "favorite word" spotlighted was the word "awkward" ... one that I happen to use frequently.

Why "awkward?"

Why do we find more things in life ‘awkward?’

Maybe part of the explanation has to do with alienation and community breaking down. We live surrounded by lifeless stuff and live less and less in the context of nature and human beings. People may be in the background, but rarely do we dwell with others. As a result, we are used to a sterile way of living that lacks intimacy and vulnerability. We control our lives and are used to keeping things (people most of all) at a distance. We do whatever we can to keep life comfortable. We aren’t used to moments when the depth and heart of things crash into us, lift us out of our comfort zone and call us to see or be seen, to know or be known.

We often escape these moments and dismiss them by saying, “This is awkward.”

Read the rest here.  It's definitely an examination of conscience for our generation. 

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