Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where can we hear about the Extraordinary Synod?

Everyone is talking about it (or so it seems).  The Extraordinary Synod, which begins this weekend, is a topic making its rounds in newspapers, magazines, online commentaries, blogs and casual conversations.  To hear most people tell it, we'll be looking at a radically different Church in a couple of weeks, come the Synod's end.  For some, this is welcome news.  For others, Armageddon has arrived.

So with all of the controversies, conflict and confusion, where can we learn about what is going on in Rome?  There isn't going to be a CSPAN channel dedicated to bringing us the proceedings live from the Vatican.  We won't be permitted to listen live via iTunes.  Where can we hear something of the Synod that isn't a manipulation of the truth?  How will we know what is happening?

That's the question that's been on my mind of late, and one that was answered (at least in part) this afternoon.  I came across Archbishop Joseph Kurt's latest blog post, which mentioned his arrival in Rome and his thoughts on the upcoming Extraordinary Synod.

Here, in part, is what he said:

Of course this is the week of preparation for the Synod on the Family. The formal beginning of the Synod is on Sunday, with Mass celebrated by Pope Francis. I have come to Rome with great support and insights from many and with the rich tradition of Church teaching. I have three intentions, which I brought to the altar this morning:
- To appreciate the beauty of marriage, family, and the vision of sexuality given by Sacred Scripture and Church teaching.
- To restore the confidence of the faithful in their ability to form and sustain Christian families.
- To respond to the great need to walk with – to accompany as Pope Francis has said so often – those families who struggle and whose wounds need healing.

(See more at: http://www.archlou.org/2014/09/30/synod-blog-september-30-2014/#sthash.RgrG2lVr.dpuf

That clarity and simplicity assured me that Archbishop Kurtz's daily blogging from Rome about the Synod will be the place to turn for information.  Sure, it might not detail what Cardinal Kasper just said or which position Pope Francis seems to be advocating.  There won't be play-by-plays available.  But Archbishop Kurtz, as a passionate defender and promoter of the family will bring his love of the family into his reflections about what is occurring, and perhaps we will catch a glimpse of how the family is served at the Extraordinary Synod.  

To read Archbishop Kurtz's blog reports about the Extraordinary Synod, click here.

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