Friday, August 1, 2014

Good (?) news and bad news

After years of the majority of studies pointing to a link between the birth control pill and breast cancer yet not being reported, I was shocked to see Newsweek acknowledge a new study that affirms the link once again.  That'st the "good" news ... good that they are reporting it, but can we really call the finding itself good?

But in the article I found this line

However, physicians suggest that the potential benefits of birth control pills outweigh the risk, although all women react differently to taking the pill. Orally ingested pills are the leading contraceptive method in the United States and currently stand as the most effective method of preventing pregnancy.

So, the "potential benefit" of preventing new children from entering the world outweighs the risk of breast cancer?  Is preventing life really the benefit one wants to risk her own life to achieve? 

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