Saturday, October 19, 2013

Questions from Credo ... What about friends who aren't open?

This past weekend I presented the workshop, "Homosexuality: Always God's Children" at the Credo retreat.  We did not have time for the Q&A portion of the workshop, so the questions will be answered here during the next week or two.

Q. What should you do if you have friends that do have same-sex attractions but aren't open to the Church or even hearing the Word of God?

A. This can be a frustrating situation if you want to share the beauty of the Church's teaching, but don't be discouraged!  Perhaps God will place opportunities in your path to verbally share your faith with your friends.  Perhaps not.  But your silent witness is always speaking, even when you are not aware of it.  If you are living a life in Christ, then your joy will show, and your friends will wonder where it comes from.

The Church's teaching on same-sex attraction/actions is not a laundry list of "no's" and negatives.  Rather, it's a beautiful, positive teaching about love, marriage and family that involves "no's" to the things that do not fully embrace God's plan.  So, rather than focus on what not to do, you can be a witness of the beauty of the Church's teachings on chastity and love.  

If you are able to speak to your friends, you might want to ask them a simple question, "Are you really happy?"  Since the Church offers us good news that -- while entailing suffering and sacrifice -- brings us joy and peace, you have a unique gift to offer your friends. 

You are also able to pray for your friends, to be present to them, to be open to listening to them without condemning them.  It's important to remember that if we are called to speak we are called to speak the truth and in love.  Both must be present!

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