Thursday, June 13, 2013


I don't think words are really necessary ...

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  1. Please connect the dots.
    statement 1: What was done is Philadelphia is reprehensible.
    Statement 2: For the to decide to disrespect the judgment a women makes about her reproductive health reprehensible.
    Information 1: what was done in Philadelphia was women making a judgment on there reproductive health (the doctor handled the operation slightly differently then most but it was the women making the judgment)

    Conclusions 1: women making judgments on there reproductive health is reprehensible (based of statement 1 and information 1)

    So if your a women making judgments on your reproductive health you are reprehensible, but anyone who disrespects your judgments on your reproductive health is reprehensible.......

    Ok now I get it, it's like being a snitch, she just don't want anyone to snitch.