Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The perfect graduation gift?

Dr. Gillian Lockwood, a British fertility clinic doctor, has this to say:
‘One part of me wants to say that [egg freezing] should be every dad’s graduation present for his daughter. It would be a very safe, low dose, and you could have 20 beautiful eggs in the freezer. 'But – and it’s a very big but – I’m concerned about how that would alter a woman’s life choices, that they might think: “Well, instead of having a family with Mr Not Quite Perfect, I can afford to wait for Mr Absolutely perfect”.

Every Dad's graduation present for his daughter?! Yes, let's encourage treating young women like their bodies are machines that can crank out baby-making supplies.  Of course, there are many errors in the thinking that freezing eggs at age 20 is the answer to the quest for feminine "freedom," but the very idea that Dad should pay for his daughter to freeze eggs is horrifying.  

The answer to declining populations and later births is not egg-freezing.  It's learning authentic love, the truth of marriage and family, and the real identity of the human person, as made in the image and likeness of God who is loving, generous and faithful.  

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