Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This just in: Chastity leads to better relationships

I love this!

From the UK-based "Telegraph" --

Psychologists found that couples who waited until after their wedding night
rated the stability of their relationships 22 per cent higher than those
whose physical relationships developed earlier.

Those who practised abstinence were also found to have 20 per cent increased levels of relationship satisfaction, 12 per cent better communication and 15 per cent improved "sexual quality".

Experts said that this may be due to improved communication
between individuals who were chaste before marriage.

More than 2,000 married couples were questioned as part of a study by the Brigham Young University's School of Family Life in Utah.

Prof Dean Busby, who carried out the study, said: "There's more to a relationship than sex, but we did find that those who waited longer were happier with the sexual aspect of their relationship. I think it's because they've learned to talk and have the skills to work with issues that come up."

It's rather amusing how shocked people are by this piece of info. Although at
the same time, how sad that a random news article -- one that easily could be
dismissed as biased or "too religious" -- would be the deciding factor in
someone's relationship choices.

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